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For those who visit our website for the first time, we will guide you in introducing the most elegant and sensual massage centre in Barcelona.

In our exclusive relax centre you will get pleasure with the best techniques and disciplines and if you want sexual services also , with which you will reach maximum relaxation of your body and an experience for all your senses.

The masseuse girls (non professionals) are selected following the most rigorous criteria, combining their atractive with their professionalism in the art of maximum climax, together with their beauty and exquisite treatment, will make you enter in a pure and elegant environment.


The success of our philosophy is to reach a pure pleasure between mind and body. Our 10 years of experience guarantee us.

We place special emphasis on a select client, where confidentiality and discretion are part of our core values. We work the whole body
without exceptions (if you desiree, of course) and we give you the possibility of interacting with the masseurs girls .

But most of the pleasure centre, spa and massage places are intended only for men, we are the exception, because our local is for women too. We know that pleasure has not boundaries for our customers, some women come just for massage but other want a little bit more, so we are here open 24/7 for everybody!


Massage Prices


The Beauty One
30 min
Relaxing massage designed to relieve muscle spams and alleviate other stuff 😉
For People Who Just Need To Relax
The Perfect One
1 h
Discover our most demanded massage. Wake your senses through the sweet movements of our massage experts, where each caricy will be converted in absolute pleasure
For Demanding
Im the Boss
1 h
Massage totally personalized, what ever you want is in you!
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